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Tune In for a Decades-Worth of Historical Music During a Charleston-Focused Concert

Experience the sounds that define Charleston, South Carolina and bring its unique southern charm to life in sacred and historic spaces during a 75-minute live concert. Featuring jazz, gospel, Gershwin, Gullah, spirituals, and Civil War songs, The Sound of Charleston is recommended for music lovers and Charlestonians alike! Check it out next Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

For over three centuries, Charleston’s musical heritage has been as diverse as the people who’ve lived here. Haunting spirituals of slaves first arriving in America through our port; Civil War camp songs from both sides in this place where the first shots were fired; pieces such as Amazing Grace and Pachelbel’s Canon that are wonderfully connected to the history of this great city; and, of course, Porgy and Bess, inspired and composed in Charleston by the incomparable George Gershwin. This is but a snapshot of the rich array of music that makes up The Sound of Charleston.

All concerts will be staged in the beautiful and historic Circular Congregational Church in the heart of downtown Charleston. Circular is one of the oldest continuously worshipping congregations in the South. Founded by Charles Towne’s original settlers in 1681, the Circular Church is a National Historic Landmark and a Charleston treasure. The words for the famous spiritual Amazing Grace were inspired in the author, John Newton, while worshipping at Circular.

Join Circular Congregational Church for an extraordinary and memorable journey through Charleston’s rich musical heritage next Wednesday, February 27th. Admission begins at $16.

Step outside of our welcoming and comfortable community at Parks at Nexton Apartments in Summerville, South Carolina for the day! This event is coming to town on Wednesday, and it promises to be a wonderful time!

Event Time/Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 2019—7:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Circular Congregational Church
150 Meeting Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

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